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      Custom Processing Maintenance and repair  

        Nanjing Chuanwei Valve CO., LTD belongs to High pressure valve plant in sichuanprovince. With 3 years quality three guarantees system exported to countries around the world, get recognition from all walks of life, for in the southwest of China valve association member unit and professional design/production and sales of various high/medium/low pressure valve of the backbone enterprises. Enterprises should expand demand in 2007 set up branch in ning, and in the spring of2013 inthe valve plumbing base to establish production bases. Company has senior engineers, and other professional and technical personnel more than 40, more than 400 employees. Have sophisticated CNC machine, boring machine, and special machining equipment; A perfect material chemical composition...

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    Company address: No.115,Hongshan Road,Xuanwu Borough,Nanjing City,JiangsuProvince
    24 hours service hotline: 13913038569 15305141123
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